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Why Young Living

Our family began using essential oils in 2010 during a time in our lives when our son was in need of immune support. friends of ours shared the oils in hopes that we would find the answers we had been looking for. Not only did we find answers tp those questions, we found answers to questions we didn't realize we had.

That was the beginning of a total health shift and focus, beginning with removing toxic chemicals from our home.

Over the years I've met people who use different oils from various companies and it never occurs to me to share why I choose Young Living. I suppose we all have our biases in why we use the products we use. And I suppose those biases are valid for that person. However, my choice in using this particular company isn't about a bias, but rather it's a about a woman who wouldn't use something that is subpar on her children, if there was an option offered. In other words- I wouldn't use something just because everyone else says it's decent or not. I choose foods, clothing, schooling based solely on the research I have done that will best suit those I am in charge of.

We all have choices to make, allow me to share why I choose this essential oil company.


A Man on a Mission

Necessity is the mother of invention."

When D. Gary Young found himself confined to a wheelchair with a prognosis that he would never walk again after a severe logging accident in 1973, Young Living was born, although this dream would not be fully realized until 21 years later.

After three suicide attempts, hitting rock bottom, feeling “disconnected from God, my family and the world”, and some “tough love” from his father, Gary resolved that “if it’s the last thing I do, I will get out of this bed, and I will walk and ride my horse again!”*

My friends, don't we all at times find ourselves at our weakest points in life and that is where our greatest strengths are born?

This led Gary to explore different avenues of healing, grow his knowledge of herbs, reconnect with his Creator, travel the world to learn about the production, usage and application of essential oils, and bring his attention to the many other people also needing help.

Gary purchased farmland, planted crops, and built his own distillery. In 1994, along with his wife Mary, they began cultivating lavender, peppermint, melissa, clary sage, and many other herbs. He saw the need for top-quality essential oils, and he continued to grow and expand his knowledge, acreage, and technology. Coupled with Mary’s previous knowledge of the direct-selling industry, together they grew Young Living into the world leader in essential oils and wellness solutions.

Through all of the success (and failure), there is one thing that Gary and Mary never lost sight of . . . the people.


*Quotes taken from “D.Gary Young - The World Leader in Essential Oils”

People Over Profit

Gary’s heart for people shows through in the development of the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation, which is committed to empowering individuals to achieve their potential and to defy limitations by providing wellness and education opportunities to underserved communities. Every penny donated goes directly to those in need because 100% of the administrative costs are covered by Young Living. Donating can be as simple as adding $1.00 to your order total. Over 250,000 individuals have been impacted by the work of the Foundation.

Projects and Partners:

Young Living Academy, Ecuador - Built in 2009 by Gary and Mary Young, the academy educates students in grades pre-K through 12th, maintaining a 97% attendance rate and 100% of seniors graduating each year!

Rebuild Nepal - The Young Living Foundation rebuilt schools and homes in Yarsa, Nepal, after the devastating earthquake in 2015, and is still focused on restoration and rebuilding in Nepal today.

Hope For Justice - The focus of this mission is to end human trafficking and modern day slavery. With 10 fully funded Lighthouse Centers, children rescued from slavery have a safe place to heal, recover, and learn. The Shine Career School in Cambodia also provides those recovering with education and vocational training, gives them hope, and empowers them to follow their dreams.

Sole Hope - The primary focus of this mission is to help children and adults in Uganda become and remain jigger-free. Jiggers are parasitic insects that burrow into an individual’s feet and can cause life-threatening infections. Just by providing antibiotics and shoes, men, women, and children can live and remain jigger free.

Healing Faith Uganda - This organization provides malaria education, prevention, and treatment to rural villages. In Uganda, 42 children die each day from malaria, and for just $1, Healing Faith can test and treat a child with malaria.

You can donate to the Foundation as a general donation or you can donate to a specific project that sits heavy on your heart. Simply by rounding up your Loyalty Rewards or Shp order, you can donate to the Foundation. Every penny counts!

Our Promise to You

Seed to Seal is a quality commitment and promise Young Living makes to YOU. Seed to Seal consists of three pillars - Sourcing, Science, and Standards. These three are the foundation on which every product is built and everything that Young Living does. This promise ensures you can trust that Young Living is providing you with products of the highest quality and purity, free from synthetics. You can expect that Young Living will provide you with only the BEST!

● Plant material that is grown on corporately-owned farms or carefully vetted partner farms (that you CAN visit!)

· Sustainable farming and sourcing practices, providing the purest oil

· Great care is taken to preserve and protect natural resources

· Hand-weeded fields and ZERO use of pesticides

· Oils that retain all their natural constituents and therapeutic properties

· Use of food-grade distillers with state-of-the-art design and distillation methods

· Low pressure and low-temperature distillation, without the use of solvents or synthetic chemicals

· Rigorous testing on each batch by internal labs and third-party facilities

● Oils that are carefully reviewed through every step of production in order to meet or exceed industry safety and purity standards (beyond organic!)

And the best part… if the oils do not meet these high standards they are rejected and will not be bottled as a Young Living product. YL would rather have something go out of stock than let an inferior product slip through to us. It's rare to find a company with such high standards. To learn even more, check out


Global Farms

Because Young Living takes such great care in bringing you the highest quality products straight from nature, it has established farms around the globe for cultivating and distilling essential oils.

Have a look at some of the farms and oils/products:

Young Living Lavender Farm and Distillery, Mona, Utah, USA

- Lavender, Clary Sage, Goldenrod, Melissa, Juniper, Blue Yarrow, White Fir

Skyrider Wilderness Ranch, Tabiona, Utah, USA


Highland Flats Tree Farm and Distillery, Naples, Idaho, USA

-Idaho Blue Spruce, White Fir

Northern Lights Farm and Distillery, Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

-Northern Lights Black Spruce

Vida De Seville Distillery, Almaden De La Plata, Seville, Spain

-Cistus, Frankincense, Myrrh

Kona Sandalwood Reforestation Project, Big Island, Hawaii, USA

-Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood

Finca Botanica Farm and Distillery, Chongon (Guayaquil), Ecuador

-Ylang Ylang, Palo Santo, Mastrante, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus Blue, Dorado Azul, Ocotea, Plectranthus Oregano, Ruta Graveolens, Chocolate

Dalmatia Aromatic Farm and Distillery, Split, Croatia

-Helichrysum, Sage, Juniper, Bay Laurel

To see a complete list of all the farms including others in Mexico, Bulgaria, Australia, and the Philippines, visit:

I have been to three of Young Living's farms, several times each and each time I am there I am astounded all over again at the care and attention that goes into our plants and essential oils.


Products for the whole family

Young Living is so much more than just essential oils. With the commitment to helping people experience real wellness, the company offers product lines for every member of your family.

For the guys -

Our line of Shutran products gives busy men everything they need to care for their skin and bodies, using natural ingredients and essential oils that will leave them feeling confident and courageous.

For the ladies -

Young Living believes that no woman should have to compromise quality for beauty. Savvy Minerals makeup line provides you with the confidence in knowing that you can look and feel fabulous without all the cheap fillers and harsh additives found in most makeup.

For the babies -

It is never too early to start thinking about the health of your children. Studies have found that some babies have evidence of nearly 300 chemicals already in their bloodstream at birth.* Young Living created the Seedlings line to make it easy to choose safe and gentle products for your babies that are free of all the harmful chemicals.

For the kids -

The Kidscents line of oils, supplements, and personal care products is specifically designed to address common childhood concerns and well-being. Young Living has taken the guesswork away by pre-diluting these oils for quick and easy application.

For the fur babies -

You didn’t think we would forget about them, did you? You love your fur babies and so does Young Living. The Animal Scents Collection is specifically designed for a wide variety of animals. This collection includes exclusive oil blends to support your pet’s health and overall well-being.


Products for personal care

Eighty-four thousand chemicals are legal for commerce in the US, all essentially unregulated.* Many of these are found in personal care products and cosmetics. Young Living carries a full line of targeted personal care products that will cleanse your skin, support healthy teeth and gums, and leave your hair shiny and clean - all infused with powerful essential oils and no harsh chemicals.

-Shampoo and conditioner

-Shower gel and bar soap

-Toothpaste and mouthwash

-Facial cleansers and shaving cream

-Moisturizers and wrinkle cream

-Lotion and body butter

How many different personal care products do you use on a daily basis? Perhaps have a second look to be sure your personal care products are safe.



Products for your home

You are the gatekeeper of your home. You have the power to choose what you allow in. Americans can spend as much as 90% of their time indoors, so the fewer chemicals we allow into our home, the better.

Enter Thieves.

The At Home line of Young Living products is infused with the Thieves essential oil blend giving you safe and effective plant-based products that can replace all the conventional household cleaning products that you may be using. There is a safer alternative for every product in every room in your home.

With Thieves, you can replace all this, and more:


Hand Soap

Dish Soap

Dishwasher Detergent

Laundry Detergent

Air Fresheners

Fruit and Veggie Wash

Hand Purifier

And for all the gardeners reading, use your Fruit and Veggie wash water to give your garden a drink. The essential oils in the Thieves Fruit and Veggie wash are incredibly beneficial for your plants.


Products for nutrition and wellness

True wellness starts from the inside out, and Young Living has a full line of products and supplements that provide optimal nutrition to work with your body to keep it above the wellness line.

Essential Oils - With more than 220 essential oil singles and blends (the most of any company out there), there truly is an oil for everything. Every aspect of your physical and emotional well-being can benefit from essential oils.

Ningxia Red - This powerful juice supplement is designed to energize, fortify, and revitalize the body and mind. It is jam-packed with antioxidants and supplies the body with an abundance of vitamins and minerals known to support a healthy body and various organ functions.

Slique (Weight management line) - I bet if you were to do a poll right now among your friends and ask them their #1 health goal, the majority would answer, “Lose weight.”

Maintaining a healthy weight isn’t just about a number on the scale. It has so much more to do with how you feel. Slique products will help you support healthy weight management, keep you feeling fuller longer, and give your body the nutritional support it needs.

Supplements - In a perfect world, if we were eating a perfect diet, our bodies would be receiving all the nutrition needed simply from the foods we eat. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The Environmental Working Group found that more than 40 percent of adults have dietary intakes of vitamin A, C, D and E, calcium and magnesium below the average requirement for their age and gender.”* This is why you need to supplement.

Testing the absorption of Multigreens showed that 42% was absorbed in 24 hours. After adding essential oils to the formula, blood absorption increased to 64% in 30 minutes and 86% in one hour.** This means you are actually using more and eliminating less! Be sure you are getting the most out of your supplements by choosing those that are infused with essential oils, aka Young Living supplements.

**Essential Oils Desk Reference


So there you have it, the top reasons why I chose Young Living, and why I continue to use their essential oils and product lines for cleaning, and supplements. Leave me a comment and tell me why you've chosen Young Living essential oils over the rest. I'd love to hear how much you love your oils too!

And if you are new to us, why not join our community and find your wellness soar!?


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